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web20210510 102307  Austria – Romania Mia & Jasmin
Jasmin: Erasmus+ Project
Today we had a zoom meeting with a girl and a boy. We asked things about their school. The school is an old building. They also have to wear masks all the time. They have school five days a week and they have 6-7 school lessons every day. The girl’s favourite school subject is Biology. The boy didn’t talk so much. She was 14 years old and the boy 15.
It was nice and interesting, but I was really nervous and shy. But I think it’s good to make this more often. We all can learn to speak English better.
Mia: Erasmus+
Today Jasmin and I talked to students from Romania. There was a boy and a girl, they were very nice. At the beginning we didn’t talk much but later we talked more. We talked a lot about how the situation is for them and us in school and private life with Covid-19.
Sometimes the internet didn’t work that well, but that wasn’t a problem. I think it’s sad that we can’t travel to the other countries to meet each other. Nevertheless, it was nice to talk to them.

web20210510 102521  Austria – Denmark Tobias & Andrea
Tobias: Meeting with Denmark
The school in Denmark is quite big. In their small city there are 10 Sushi restaurants and 2 - 3 pizza restaurants. Their favourite subjects are English and Cheerleading. They both are 15. They don’t have to wear masks, but they have to do social distancing. The weather in Denmark is constantly changing, one day it’s warm but then it’s super cold.

  web20210510 102503 web20210510 102456  Austria – Greece Lucijan & Maxi
Lucijan: Zoom meeting with Greece
Yesterday me and Maxi had a zoom meeting with two girls from Greece. We waited one full hour for them to come, because they had internet problems. We were talking about the Corona situation and if they had homeschooling or if they were in school. We asked them how old they were, if they have a pet and more.
I think it was funny and interesting. I hope we can do more things like this in the future.

Erasmus+_Student Chat May 12th, 2021

web20210512 102641  Austria – Italy Aaron & Daniel
Daniel and I talked to two Italian girls on Wednesday. We spoke to them because of the Erasmus + project. We spoke with them about our school and their school. Daniel and I asked them questions like “How do you get to school?” and “What’s your favourite lesson at school?” After half an hour they had to go. So, we quit.

web20210512 111218  Austria – Iceland Jonas & Marko
We talked with a boy and a girl from Iceland. They were ten years old and spoke English very well. They told us about their school and what their hobbies are. They both liked to play video games. I found it very funny.